There is no greater AGONY than bearing an UNTOLD STORY inside you

Read the inside stories written by Mr. Kulwant Singh Virk


What I do

I Harvested.

Being from a family which was into the occupation of farming and raising cattle I had hands on experience with plough.

I Served Army.

When I graduated from the college. It was high time of war.Our village was known for growing crops and growing soldiers.I immediately joined Army and served the nations for few years.

I Wrote.

Writing was never meant to be my profession till I discovered it while reading a book . A thought inspired me that these stories should be available in native languages too.

Need Advice?

Need any help regarding the Stories of Mr. K S Virk. If you want me to recite the stories in any open mic,public event. Contact me on the given below details.

My e-Books

Most of the short stories have been already listed in the website . In this section you can find out the e-books in the kindle version. To buy/download for free contant on the details given.


“Virk chisels the Punjabi person and finds a way to move forward. We all are grateful to him for having found us out and presented us to the world.”

Poonam Singh-Editor- “Preetlahri”

My story

I WAS BORN in a village. My father was a peasant who cultivated his own plot of land. The other landowning and cultivating families in the village were our cousins by blood. All the people in this village has descended from the same ancestor. It was the same in the neighbouring villages also. Thus all the people living in about 150 village adjacent to each other and owning two or three hundred square miles of land had descended from a common ancestor and felt kinship with each other. 

Most of the peasants of the Punjab are from the racial stock called the Jats. It was to this stock that we also belong. Since these people work on the land, they live in villages and are not seen much in the towns.