Month: May 2019


Ala Singh was now growing old. But he had as yet enough of his old self left in him to hold his own in village assemblies, to look after the water course when it was his turn for canal water or to protect his fields from damage by mischievous and irresponsible graziers. Now and then …

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You Know Me?

Seeing me buying fruit and getting them packed in a basket, he approached me.“You want this basket to be carried?” he said softly. From a man of his appearance I did not indeed expect this loud voice. A cursory glance at his face was sufficient to assure me that he was not altogether in possession …

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Blades Of Grass

Pakistan was barely three months old. Signs of the violent convulsion of its birth were all too apparent. Everything seemed dislodged and disturbed. Household goods lay in heaps outside police stations. Boxes and bedsteads, dressing-tables and sofa sets, cradles, perambulators, torn from their usual places had found their way into these public asylums. In their …

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